Yamaha PSR-S550
Yamaha PSR-S550

PSR-S550, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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demarren 07/11/2010

Yamaha PSR-S550 : demarren's user review

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Exelent sound creation
The S550 also work with most styles.However not all styles can be used.
5 Octaves and full USB midi,Exelent usable for example with reason 4
The only drawback is when you play on the keyboard,the sended data thad recieve in reason program have an little delay.
I recoments to set the volume on the keyboard on zero.
Afteral you do not need anny sound created by the PSR-S550
As the sounds wil be used in reason itself.

The styles can be edited,aranged,and use alot of FX,like chorus reverb and setera.
The Sequencer get an great update from the 500
and have 16 tracks now.
Also step,part recording is possible easely.


This keyboard is easy to use.
Many settings are alraidy programmed,so you can start right away.
I also got no trouble to connect the keyboard via usb on the computer.
Also drivers are avviable for windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

The keaboard have an upgrade in the sound modules to,where there are some nice sounds in it.
Piano is good,but could sound abit better.
the S550 have stereo 2X 12 watt.
good but it could use abit more power.
However for the prise it sound great.
and putting it on an external amplifier,sound realy great.


Value for monye is super,It is an great keyboard for the monye.
The qality of the sound are high.Only the build in speakers could do better,and this is exatly where the PSR-S550 fall short.
You can here with some sounds,Thad use alot of lowtones the clipping of the internal speakers.
when played at max volume,however it only accure with meaby 3 sounds.
The power is great but the basses are on the low site.
My friend have the S900 and the sound of the speakers are alot better.more powerfull and more bass,however this keyboard cost double to.
An solution is for importend work is to use external speakers,or the headphone.

Wil I buy the same keaboard,afcours,It is an exelent midrange keaboard at an low prise.
There are better keayboard,but not for 730 $