Yamaha PSR-S950
Yamaha PSR-S950

PSR-S950, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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Paulinej 05/06/2013

Yamaha PSR-S950 : Paulinej's user review

«  Good arranger »

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Arranger keyboard for what?
-If it is to play the piano, go your way. No arranger keyboard offers both a true piano touch and sound realistic. So master keyboard + plugins is for the best time of
solutions, knowing that technology is changing every day, but a real piano is also very well ...
-If it is to play in a band, no interest, knowing that the drummer, guitar, trumpet, harp, violin ... play better than you (at least I hope)!
-If it is to play alone or accompany a singer, then it's interesting.
The sounds are digital but nice. The styles are well made and can quickly create a project that can itself be informative.
At the time when the computer is ubiquitous in all areas, it is best not to over invest in equipment that will quickly become obsolete and will sell five times below the purchase price. For psr s950, its price seems high. We are in the mid-mid-generation computer instrument also be patient to turn, like with windows. However, in its original configuration, it is much higher for example Korg PA600, which is closer to the toy, which was temporarily stopped production due to many bugs.
In conclusion, good camera, as interesting as the Tyros, but a bit pricey