Yamaha PSS-11
Yamaha PSS-11

PSS-11, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the PortaSound series.

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saturax08 10/18/2012

Yamaha PSS-11 : saturax08's user review

«  A toy departure but turns very nice in the end! »

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mini keyboard with chantillonns sounds of low sampling frquence.
Probably sold as a toy to departure but very solid.
accompaniment sections as on most mini-organs.


Everything is under the eyes, including a list of sounds. We choose and play.
No edition of his can of course.

For me all the trimmings serve anything I only use the chantillonns sounds.

BMOL small, it puts a noise when the sound is changed (the base is a toy!) but just to know and can not live but I GNER that the used only in home studio therefore not Drange me.


Unlike most PortaSound that have a Yamaha FM sub-Technology (yuck!), Because this keyboard has chantillonns bass sounds frquence of sampling makes it interesting precisely because most the samplers do not have this level of sampling dcoffrage very crude and quite dirty. This gives a very particular grain that can not be found on nothing (hence the interest I have for him).
Sometimes toy instruments (such as stylophone) pass through the eras and end up with a quality that is unique and their own.
The choice of sounds that have been chantillonns is also interesting and very varied since there are a hundred.
I have already placed the sonority of this little keyboard in a mix and give something special.
This is a keyboard that I keep prcieusement for all these reasons nuncios.