Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Tyros 4

Tyros 4, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Tyros series.

phigaro 03/03/2013

Yamaha Tyros 4 : phigaro's user review

«  the tyros, the cow keyboards »

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asked too much for tyros 4 tyros and goes in the direction "more"
what makes tyros 4 (workstation category,) the undisputed king.
For some, to read, "a god", and any reservation about it becomes a blaspheme.Beaucoup sites devoted to him, his worshipers are people
often elderly, finding there a device approval high quality that gives the impression of the quality of styles and sounds bloated, they know how to play!?.
Intimate instrument, an instrument that is "indispensable" for musicians piano bar or play in small structures, it is basically his true role and
he holds merveille.je do not want to talk about all of the features that would be too long, I understand that it is very convenient for fans of "all in one" oh yes it is "cash cow" of keyboards.
the way! I has two, because-as I too was dazzled.
Today I do not use nearly over, or so as midi keyboards for my pc

the tyros not fragile! I had to open it 20 times because of rubbers, to repair punctured switches, if one day you open the plastic shells, you will be afraid, just the keyboard toy, any moisture creates failures
It is true unsustainable short this is not a keyboard scene.
talk sounds fantastic according to some, yes they are great for a workstation, and superiors some synth / sampler.
next to it piano, rhodes, pads etc. are hollow, pretty but too compressed, you do not need 900 sounds a good piano, rhodes a good, good strings, some good layers, good sound brass, a good horn, a drum kit, one or two good bass 50sons no more but have the body,
brief real sounds sublime, not these sounds often based on the same items a good piano requires at least 2 GB, you've seen the featherweight sounds of tyros 4.bref this is still a fabulous instrument


edition sounds is not easy and unconvincing


a keyboard "cash cow" of this quality despite its flaws seems to me to justify the price