Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Tyros 4

Tyros 4, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Tyros series.

vipmusicos 02/16/2012

Yamaha Tyros 4 : vipmusicos's user review

«  It is énOOOrme! »

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Keyboard 61 in line with previous tyros ... this is not the forte of Yamaha arrangers, without being a weak point (that said, for users not keyboardists training pianists, like me, it is rather easier to play a keyboard-type weighted piano! I had a long technics sprx 88 = hello finger fatigue and loss of velocity for some samples that require the binder ...)

For the rest (connections, sounds, board functions, etc.), it is a pro arranger playable as it is for an amateur, and offering a host of editing functions pre-programmed in-depth basic (how many users of previous tyros went to see the next page of "rhythmic shift" to change the accents and breaking effects tchicboumtchic too linear styles and their rhythm section?! ... lol)


As mentioned above, is selected, we play ... after demanding users will find something to lose many hours of sleep if he wants to push the craft into a corner (between the creations of voices, styles, pads, effects of the choices, the combinations of voices , harmonies, editing by organ drawbars, the creations of registrations, etc., etc., there is enough to spend a lifetime, even on such an aircraft!)

Manual provided (simple version of pdf available on the website) back from the one I had with the Tyros2, but there is an owner manual for experts, accessible on the internet ... it's a shame, not to provide a manual choke for the translated versions, but this stems from what I mentioned above: the largest number of users of these arrangers exploits only 20% of board functions ... so why waste money to translate what the discerning guest will pick up any old way on the net?! Business is business ...


3 weeks of face to face were enough to convince me: I 'have barely scratched the surface, and my Tyros2, yet visited in depth for 4 years, is already forgotten ... Yam has succeeded, with the Super Articulation 2 with battery but especially impressive samples of choirs / human scats, to take the step of full excellence, especially as the flashmemory avoid wait times for loading samples .. . The recorder dtd (sort of brilliant digital notepad) has been expanded with a multiplayer mode, although it should be a DI Box or a mix limiting impedances (because you can save by taking the microphone combo and more by to the in!): I continue to add sound and then save my korg karma, my guitars and pedals, the TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 via my Tyros4 ...
In addition, all data previously accumulated over generations of arrangers Yam are compatible and converted to sound on the t4 (styles, voices, pads, midisongs) ...
I have not yet tested the sequencer or the new vocal harmonizer (vocoder and its functions!!) Is saying!
Well, certainly, the t4 is expensive (especially if you want access to sampling through the additional flashmemory 512Mo/1024Mo + = 145/300 euros) ... but frankly, given the possibility of importing samples, the new engine sound, voices / choirs humans galore, finer accompaniments with super joints), the possibility of editing / creation to infinity, I wonder what more can come out of Yam bluffing a few years ...???
But we already said that before the arrival of the first arrangers, then after tyros1 ... But these bikes are now relegated by the T4 in the prehistoric world of arrangers!