Yamaha Tyros5-61
Yamaha Tyros5-61

Tyros5-61, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Tyros series.

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Lougarou 09/29/2014

Yamaha Tyros5-61 : Lougarou's user review

«  Many tried, but not purchased !!!! »

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I let the user viewed the Yamaha site, Utube videos and other media for the characteristics ...

The two negatives, I'll come back later, are, in my opinion, the sequencer and directory listings, but correct me if I'm wrong because I have tried several times in the store before writing this review and I said that I am a former owner and experienced user of the Tyros 4 !!!


In continuation of the Tyros series, ergonomics remains true to the brand, those who know do not complain, those of another brand may be baffled but it usually take about a week before the first landmarks: navigation modes (song creator, style creator, this register wav etc ....).
The manual is clear for what it exposes functionality otherwise, you're on !! However, if you've ever used a Tyros, it is ...
Editing sounds is limited but still convenanble and sufficient, it is not the destination. Korg for example, to take an arranger of the same price offers a more complete summary ... But it is a matter of choice but it is not disturbing at all.


Tried store and NOT bought for 2 main reasons:

- The sequencer has not changed: it is simple and MIDI implementation of the sequencer is done poorly. To drive via an external sequencer (PC for example ...) it's a hassle and YAMAHA has not changed since the Tyros 1 !! With the T4, I managed to use it anyway via my PC but still laborious. I would have preferred for that price, it implements a sequencer to work independently !! Of course, it can be used as it is, but its use is skimpy for a machine of this price, even a sequencer or MOX6 MoXF6 (or higher of course ...) is faster. Editing sequences on the T4 is a !!! horror. Korg is better !!

- The getion directory listings: I will not go !! Korg again done better: fonstion with their song book, you can make lists of MIDI AND AUDIO songs (mp3 ...). The T4 and T5 do not allow that !!! I who made the scene, it's a function of what I expected and YAMAHA: NO !!

In short, I did not buy because I am disappointed with the brand. I remember that I am a fan of the brand for a long time (T1 / Motif ES ...) I am disappointed that, at this price, the brand is not an effort for it is still a great keyboard !!