Yamaha YPG-535
Yamaha YPG-535
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sw80 01/29/2013

Yamaha YPG-535 : sw80's user review

« Beginners only »

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The Yamaha YPG-535 has a 6 track sequencer on it, this was a huge reason why I decided to purchase this at the time. I was looking for a pretty simple digital piano that I could sequence on and take around with me when I was on the road. I use to take my Fantom X7 with me everywhere but it was very heavy and very expensive so I was always worried about damaging it when taking it out of my studio. The YPG 535 has 88 keys and can even connect to your computer via USB connection. There are some built in songs on it as well, but I really didn’t mess with them too much because I am not the type of musician to play along with built in songs on digital pianos.


I was mostly using this digital piano back in 2010 when I was traveling all over the place for work. I loved how this was a full 88 key digital piano but the weight of it was more like a small 61 key digital piano. I was able to do dual split modes and even play around with the pitch wheel. The pitch wheel is made very well and not cheap like some of them are on digital keyboards in this price range. To me this keyboard is perfect for the beginner because it comes with so many different songs to play along with and it also comes with Yamaha’s Education Suite to basically coach you through learning to play.


The keys did not feel as good as I thought they should feel but at this price you will not find many keyboards that have keys that feel great. The 6 track sequencer is very basic, and it does not even compare to some of the more expensive boards from Yamaha sequencers. The 535 has a score and lyric display screen making it a perfect board for the beginner. If have been playing for a while I do not suggest purchasing this because of the way the keys feel. This one is for beginners!