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[NAMM] Korg Releases Kronos Teaser

Korg has announced that it will unveil a new synthesizer called Kronos at NAMM 2011.

The exciting news is spreading virally on the web like hot cakes with the teaser calling us to “prepare to be amazed”.


On the Japanese Korg site there is a reference to the synth as “Kronos 9”.  What the 9 actually refers to is anybody’s guess.  We will  have to patiently wait until January 13, 2011 to find out.
  • acoosticzoo 12 posts
    New AFfiliate
    Posted on 01/07/2011 at 17:27:04
    THe wait is killing! Will it be Hardware or Software or hybrid like the access virus?

    Josef Horhay
    Mixing Engineer

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