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moosers 02/20/2010

Cascade Microphones Elroy : moosers's user review


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Cascade Microphones' Elroy is a large diaphragm, uniquely designed tube condenser microphone. It has a the capsule and covering above the rest of the microphone, making for a futuristic looking mic. Elroy has a few different pick up patterns to choose from, including cardioid, omni, and figure eight. It has a single 6J1 tube inside of it, and comes with a power supply and special 7 pin cable since it is a tube mic. Additional features include a -10 db pad and a low cut filter. If you buy the mic new, it also comes with a shock mount and a study carrying case.


Cascade Microphones Elroy is a tube microphone aimed at those with not too much to spend, meaning us home studio owners. While it has a pretty thick sound, and will get the job done more times than not, I don't think I'd recommend this to a professional as the sound quality isn't up to par, so just keep this in mind going forward. Having said this, Elroy is a great microphone for a mic in this price range. You're getting a fully functional tube mic, with all of the features you would expect from a tube mic. It is suitable for recording a wide array of voices and instruments, but thus far I've only got experience using the mic to record male vocals, which seems as good of a place as any to start with. The recorded sound I heard from the monitors, was a full bodied vocal sound, covering the low end of the male voice quite well. Of course there are all different types of male singers, but this was for a more laid back style of singing, meaning not too heavy or loud. However, I do believe that in a home studio environment, Elroy would do a pretty good job of picking up any voice. If you're in the market for a budget tube mic, definitely include this on the list of models to check out.