Delenda 09/10/2013

RODE K2 : Delenda's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
making sound / voice acoustic instruments


3 years
no points of comparison in this price range.

+ Nice look / sound nice and finally ... for female voices (bass with us in relation to female standard), the tendency to eat by its lower midrange. So actually an impasto effect ... But we have realized that a sound from the part not influence bad, on the other hand the physical "approach" micro changed much sound (what a discovery .. ). Caught with k2, and if we play with the directivity and that shifts the attack (via / distance) we really get sounds nice.
Similarly by having left connected by chance (yes I am a burne ..) I made some really beautiful acoustic recordings (guitars).
Value for money: good
Yes I would do this choice, in line microphone that can do everything correctly. Basically for us, a singer / singer = 1 microphone. I mean there a voice, if you want to make it special, to "find" the microphone, and in this sense full of surprises are possible (positive in terms of budget). (ElectroVoice for serious female voice example). remains the K2 is a good mic, polyvalent.Je will also change the lamp for TESLA, to hear what happens.