blaez_minkoff 01/18/2011

The T.bone SCT800 : blaez_minkoff's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Static Large-diaphragm Tube (12AT7) sold in its case with clip (very strong), Cable and Power Box (lamp required).
Cardioid (unlike SCT2000 which is multidirectional) and not cutting down.


I've had very little time but I did some tests.
TBS 800 has a very smooth sound with an unfortunate weakness above 5 KHz. It makes it unsuitable for recording guitar or cymbal very acute (over-head drums).
In the end I think a B1 (micro surprisingly) is more suitable for recording guitar. SCT800 by the cons has a nice report on a male voice.
At 90 € for occas it does not seem a bad deal.
I stretched this advice as soon as I would have tested more thoroughly.