madone 11/22/2004

The T.bone SCT700 : madone's user review


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Micro Static lamp
Membrane of 1.07 "diameter (2.7cm)
Supplied in metal case with external power supply, suspension (solid and serious) and windshield.
Bought 175 euros in thomman (13 euros shipping)
I put 9 for the price and quality compared the classic look but is impressive (the weight also is impressive).


J such important to use this microphone for voice and acoustic guitar taken.
I have an audio preamp Tehnica 4047sv and MMP2 (roland). I have got good trs rsultat micro pramp with this couple but I have wanted to do a test every light and I have started buying a pramp TL Audio 5050, then j ' did the testing of a micro K2 (rode) and a TB1 (studio projects). I have subsequently discovered on the site SCT700 thomman and considering the price, I have to try DCID the adventure ...

Rsultat of test: T-Bone SCT700 is the one that sounds the best of four, that is the height for it is the cheapest. Sound is defined ar, bass is not lacking without being too fat or dribbling. Trs little Sibilla. Plosives are in the average. The effect of proximity is not too pronounced. The background noise is acceptable. The perception of voices in a headphone becomes a pleasure and taken voice s' is greatly amlior grace this comfortable ... Rponse the transient character really shows off the lamps with a sort of gentle compression smooths the ridges of the signal in a manner truly enjoyable trs. I must say that the micro m has the first sitting ds cost you, I 'm not expect such a quality, of course I remember that I have ffectu tests on the 5050 TL audio necessarily participates in the final result.
Otherwise, the K2 m 'also has much more but once I have the cost SCT700 it n' there were more photo ...
The tb1 (Studio Projects) m 'when he was dcu, often referred to as the soft lights and with this model that is wolf or he is seeing Dfine a little aggressive on the voices that have "potato"!
In SCT700 lamp is not a gimmick and really brings a color SPECIFICATIONS.
I have the chance to have a friend who runs a shop of musical instruments in town or I live, which gives me the opportunity to SSAI a whole bunch of stuff. I didn 't speak only as of the last pickups I tried if I' would Write pages. Everything has to tell you that he among the best in condenser microphone lamps that I have ssay. I recommend it. And I put 9! I must say that I don 't come back yet ...