Laserworld 1500 G
Laserworld 1500 G

1500 G, Laser 500mW and up from Laserworld.

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criyan40 02/26/2009

Laserworld 1500 G : criyan40's user review


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I want to talk about laser RS-1500G and products of Laserworld Laserworld IN GENERAL
I test 5. 40mW to 1500mW, powers taient just any ads taient
The vidos I've seen on youtube seem to me odd.
The tester is not an individual but more a professional (from the workshop and test equipment it). a must be a jealous conccurents that tests dnigrer bogus brand.
In my tests, I t surprised by the power of green and red LEDs. The blue beam silent less impressive but it is normal because the beam size is smaller (470mW)
The music shows impressive taient

Laserworld mark is not very known in France but I think we should give him a chance and unlike some brands Franaise, the powers are correct ads