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Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson Hummingbird LH

    Gibson Hummingbird LH - Pat Vurden's review


    Guitar Dreadnought shape, square shoulder. Table pica premium quality solid background and mahogany wicker covers. Nets 6-ply on the table, 4-ply on the bottom. Rosewood bridge. Pickguard typical MODEL. Round mahogany neck profile, rosewood…

  • Tanglewood TW55 NS E LH

    Tanglewood TW55 NS E LH - Sharivan's review


    Style: Super Jumbo Cutaway Satin finish Top: Sitka Spruce solid Back: Solid African Mahogany Sides Mahogany African Mahogany solid Solid Indian rosewood fingerboard Easel Solid Indian Rosewood Mechanical groovers Sensor: Fishman Cla…

  • Washburn D10SCE LH

    Washburn D10SCE LH - Gopsy's review


    If Washburn is a registered native of Chicago, the Washburn D10 SCE LH is produced by hand in China. This is an electro-acoustic guitar of quality. CHARACTERISTICS ** main ** CHARACTERISTICS The three skyscrapers that distinguish this from othe…

  • Stagg SW203CE LH

    Stagg SW203CE LH - Sonat's review


    Electric guitar folk low-end ... So it's not a massive table. Despite this, the finish is very good despite its price ... say nothing of it! As against the microphone is of very poor quality ... UTILIZATION This is my first guitar when c…

  • Bee & Billy BB74C/EOL

    Bee & Billy BB74C/EOL - BobWallace's review


    It is a pretty 'FOLK electro-acoustic' with a violin Corenne trs correct and mcanques dores. Bottom and wicker covers Solid Rosewood, table plate pica three folds. Cutaway not pickgard. Trs Prampli of good quality LR BAGGS Acoustic Deluxe EQ. Channel…

  • Seagull S6+ LR Baggs

    Seagull S6+ LR Baggs - Gduran's review


    Guitar in Canada in the same factory as the Godin, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art and Lutherie ... The S6 is a dreadnought style guitar a little imposing. The table is cedar, cherry and wicker covers, the mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. T…

  • Takamine EG510SCLH

    Takamine EG510SCLH - spidernold's review


    As owner of this guitar, I give you my opinion in order to help the left like me looking for a electro-acoustic. So by taking a closer look I see that manufacturing is Made in Korea, 20 frets. In terms of micro and bridge, I do not know. The handle…

  • Takamine EG522CLH

    Takamine EG522CLH - Lareine's review


    Takamine EG522SCLH (gauchre) Made by: Core Type: Classic Electro-acoustic Finish: natural and painted black with beige liserais Rosette: Marquettery Table: Mass pica Bottom and wicker covers: Mahogany Neck: 51 mm, officially mahogany. B…