Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100
Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100

Arkane Matt Design AML100, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Lâg in the Arkane series.

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papasteack 01/28/2007

Lâg Arkane Matt Design AML100 : papasteack's user review


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- Made in China
- 24 frets, 2 humbuckers, one single
... Frets badly pressed (but upgraded), microphones original bad (ass), and then, not enough output level and unbalanced ...
- Licensed Floyd Rose bridge
... Metal poor, the bridges are marked by super string
- Volume + tone + 5 position switch
... The switch is fragile, I had to tighten
- Maple neck / rosewood fingerboard, rather late
... Very bad set of original
- Satin finish
... The slightest touch causes a trace
- I had a right-wing nut too, so the space for the string does not match the size of the strings


The original sound is appalling. Stagg better than my original, but no more.
The handle, ergonomics, weight, it's all perfect at least ...
But it took just readjusted / crafts ...


I play metal, in which he has a lot of parts of its clear.
The pickups have a very low output level, the points I had to thoroughly distortion sound for metal ... So, I breath.
I only like the bridge pickup for playing a clean sound.
The three microphones are not balanced either individually or together.


I've had six months. I love it now that I fixed everything that goes wrong, I like it too. I changed the pickups for EMG 81, SA 89. It's perfect, and I love the design, especially of the head. But it remains very fragile.
The value for money is pathetic compared to schecter that make a lot of beautiful models left, and without all these worries. There's really abused. But I like to tinker ...
The design is good, the quality is poor.

With experience, I referrer that choice, but looking first to see if everything is ready, because I really love the design, and also because left-handed, there is no choice at that price .