Stagg S300LH
Stagg S300LH

S300LH, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Stagg in the Standard series.

papasteack 06/05/2008

Stagg S300LH : papasteack's user review


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24 frets, rosewood 4mm button, Start vibrato, volume, Tone 5-way switch, handle too strait, type fender ...


The handle is not terrible, Access in acute is bad, I completely changed, now it's MY guitar.


Microphones taient rotten core, I just modifiemg 81/89 and Kent Armstrong Ultra Distortion / distortion + pramp artec QDD. Now, it's better than the lag arkane.


I attach it because I changed and learned to play with. I had a time lag between Arkan. The stagg, no scruples to tinker. I did my thing. With microphones and pramp, and COD Personal reminds me my youth, there is no equivalent of guitar for me, especially in the left would do ... I do not have that choice today, I would like a form of GS, no matter the brand, A model low-end to attach myself that I would change it ... but for now, I remain Fidler ...