Vigier Excalibur Special HSH LH
Vigier Excalibur Special HSH LH

Excalibur Special HSH LH, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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charlypotter 06/13/2009

Vigier Excalibur Special HSH LH : charlypotter's user review


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For specifications, see below, everything is said! You're getting your money. It's heavy. Trimmings on top, great finish (deep blue version I), Royal Mechanical and easy to adjust (once you got it that the rope is held on both sides, it takes 1 min to change his tune including acute mi and fart without the rope), the pickups sound of thunder and covers a wide range of sounds you can play the vibrato it does not move a hair.

What's more, I love


I chose this guitar because I knew we could easily go in upside down (the bass down, the way Hendrix). I love the heat, he is pil hair properly and access to acute is ideal.

My shoulders thank me because the guitar is light (ok before I had a lespaul!). It may even jump in all directions on stage without any worries.

Since I changed the amp at the same time (correct mesa), it took me a while to adapt to handle the harmonics / feedback produced by vibrato and guitar. It comes soon enough, then it is a joy on stage and at home. A real treat. Ditto for the volume knob is really near the bridge. Initially it made me upset, but since I find it really handy and I finally understood the value he may have, especially in concert (yeah, finally it serves not only to cut the sound to go drink his beer again!)


I am a soloist in a ska punk, so I use both the clean and distortion. I play recently on a single mesa correct.

Basically, this guitar can easily do it all clear that both saturated. The mesa also contributes, of course, but I also had the opportunity to try on my guitar amp for different concerts, and believe me you can feel the difference (must be already down the volume ...) .

I exult before a solo or when I'll pass on my microphone acute ... HUGE is a pleasure. It grabs the vibrato, and then off you go ... GENIAL


I've had it 6 months, and I love it!

What I like most is the overall quality of the guitar. We feel the pro stuff. My only downside for aesthetics. What a pity that the special version of the head is not the same color as the body. It does not affect product quality and it is a matter of taste, but I loved it. If one day it comes out in this version, I'll buy it for sure!!

The value for money. Bah frankly, is the top of which it is worth the investment.

I had a large budget (2000/2500 €) but in the world of left-handers, there is (unfortunately) not a wide choice, especially in this price range. I looked everywhere and tried many guitars, but no real favorite (except for the Gibson Les Paul Surra later I'll buy because I love her look, but not its weight). I had heard of Vigier guitars, but I had a priori on guitar luthier (I say, it must be hard to sell). I looked at the forums with guys who were crying over their guitars and it made me laugh. Out of curiosity during a visit to the Rue de Douai, I tried it in a special store left in Paris, and then I cracked. My a priori on the resale disappeared very quickly. I finally found my grail and I do not part with it for the world!!