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Thread Comments about the news item: Yamaha acquires Line 6

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1 Comments about the news item: Yamaha acquires Line 6
Yamaha and Line 6 announce the acquisition of the Line 6 capital stock by Yamaha Corporation in 2014 after an agreement settled in December.

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So, does this mean it will keep their quality while bringing the prices down, reduces quality while prices stay the same, loses it's creative edge, gains a creative edge or nothing changes? It's rare when a takeover ever leaves things status quo, usually the consumer gets boned somehow, even though the management team will stay whole. I just hope there will be some Line 6 stuff I can find down the road built before 2014 when I can justify buying more equipment. I made the mistake of buying an AMF built Harley Davidson and I've been jaded ever since. I also remember Blue Oyster Cult getting hardcore shafted after Sony bought out Columbia Records and they never recovered from it as the budget for all their videos dried up in the early 80's and if you're old enough to remember, it was all about the video's back then. Best of luck Line 6, I hope you survive and thrive. I'll be watching and hoping for the best.

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