Ableton Live 2
Ableton Live 2

Live 2, Loop Sequencer from Ableton in the Live series.

Human Koala 08/29/2003

Ableton Live 2 : Human Koala's user review


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No particular problem the install is passbr /> product registration is a software-based cl which can be a problem when adding the material (change congif)
configuring the sound card is clear, not really need the manual
context-sensitive help is displayed depending on the position of the mouse


P4 2.5 ghz, 512 Mhz, m-audio quattro, portable hard drive 5400RPM
yet even on track with 10 3 / 4 plug per track (this obviously depends on the plug) the app does not seem to suffer
I still suffered a few crashes but it holds the road all the same


Use from 9 months of intensive (it became the heart of my projects so I like this app)

time stretching requires a little practice but once you master it is easy to add a groove has a loop or a sample to adjust the tempo to another.
but I like the artifacts generated by pushing a little time stretching

What's great is his record loops from different sources (bar soft synth)
mounting a first draft in live mode, recording and arranging real-time mode and paufiner arrangement to complete the piece permanently

Automation of VST effects and parameters of live is a dream (all parameters are automatically rpertori hop is selected and a curve Zouli)

provided the effects are very good quality (a caveat for the compressor), there may be missing a phaser and a flanger and compressor worthy of the name

The report price is unbeatable quality
frankly I do not regret not buying soft