Ableton Live 3
Ableton Live 3

Live 3, Loop Sequencer from Ableton in the Live series.

Gouyousf 10/13/2003

Ableton Live 3 : Gouyousf's user review


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INSTALLATION trs simple. no problem. It can even be used with any sound card rotten (like my laptop).
The manual is clear and I recommend users to read. Because this software is so soft and diffrent squenceurs usual it is much easier to go through the Menuet in french to understand how it works.


I use it on an HP laptop Pentium 3 800 MHz with 256MB RAM and WinXP (it's a omnibookXE3gc).
The app works fine on this config, but Obviously, I will use an external sound card live.

The principle of all in real time is INTERESTED trs trs but is CPU intensive, so I can not too Exceeds 12 tracks with a few plugs on my old cuckoo.


I use it for 2 months, but I have a good knowledge because you asked me to stand macmusic Submitted to Apple Expo.
I work on Cubase SX on a PC ... and little logic to be on G5, if I lose both the PC (I must admit that the stability of winXP starts with me rconcilier PC for Cubase VST m has REALLY hurts with late MIDI / audio).
Live has no resemblance with apps like ProTools, Logic, Cubase or DP ... It is specially at work in real time on audio loops. As REWIRE, it can be in another Intgr squenceur or used as a ReWire master (master Reason for example).
It makes working with loops, and triturated in real time, record their own loops during a session and use the IMMEDIATE, it is compatible VST plug. it is very flexible.
There are so many things said about this app. I am convinced. Especially, I made a SERIES of t live with this electro DJ. Not knowing live, I bought an atari to control my sampler, my rhythm and my boxes analog synth ...... C'tait ben really making head
I always like atari for stability ... but since I know ... why live through another app.
Go to the site and Ableton Tlcharger BMD and the manual ... do a little effort reading the manual. You will not.

Compared 2 live, live primarily to allow the loops to work with envelopes of pitch, volume and pan indpendante the length of the loop .... It sounds complicated but it's super helpful .. . some good plugs and more and more quantize ...