Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0
Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0

Acid Pro 3.0, Loop Sequencer from Sonic Foundry in the Acid Pro series.

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MGR/sir lady freakness of lysergic acid diethylami 09/06/2002

Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0 : MGR/sir lady freakness of lysergic acid diethylami's user review

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Upgraded from Acid Pro 2 (which I got only a few months before for like $200) for another $99 direct from sonic foundry.

I love this as you can take samples and loops them to build a sick rhythm track and warp and effect all your sounds. Then i record guitar bass and vox right along to it (great function) Could do this with pro 2, but also you can put a video track in and compose (or mix) a soundtrack right to it. The only think is there is no video running along with it as you do this so you have to save it first, see what needs tewaking then re-edit. I believe Vegas Video has this function Id like but Im looking to see if the Pro 4.0 may have this too. Another cool thing with 3.0 is you can download free samps to use every month (think ive only done that 2-3x since ive had this, about a year, but i did get some cool video fx free this way)

My computer i used it with sucked (old processor, but it was the required 400mz) so when I have a huge project (large file with recorded sound taking up a lot of memory) going it farts and pops like you wouldnt imagine. The Acid Music cheap version ran much better on what I had. Getting a pentium 4, 1.8 so it should do what i need soon. If you consider getting this check what you got first.

Its a disk, what is there to know? They did fixed some bugs it had and you can download upgrades free.

Whether you make gay trance music or techno that sound like everyone elses stuff cause they use the same free or store bought loops, or make your own sick twisted stuff, Acid is cool! Any tone deaf fool without any knowledge of music whatsoever can make music with it. Everyone shold get on ACID!! LOL

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