DigiTech JamMan Solo : Anonymous 's user review

" very useful for studying Excellent"

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Features: see other review or documentation


I use it only for my exercises, partitions and modern method of William Leavitt guitar is what I needed to progress. (Listen and play, make the "overdub" is better than before, play games without ever hearing them all together).
A bit complicated the first two days, but is required (time signature, metronome setting, management of loops) and useful, and use it best.
It's robust hardware
We can connect headphones to the OUT jack (useful at night to work without disturbing)
I have not use the PC interface (USB) not in use, I just put an SD card.


its very good for my use, both on my Blues Junior amp, with the Sennheiser HD595.
I have yet to try it with the pedals BOSS GT 10.


I am very satisfied, both for use as sound quality.
+ I like to be able to just with my guitar, my headphone, and this pedal work quietly filled by my scores, simplicity.

- I do not like: I should have bought a looper earlier, is indispensable to progress.

I did not try other true looper (other than the BOSS GT-10 a "mini loop" same as that of the digitech RP255).