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Agile AL-2000

Thread Agile guitars

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1 Agile guitars
Has anybody seen the Agile Les Pauls. I just ordered the amber quilt top yesterday, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Rondo music has them on their website, and for the money, you cant really go wrong if your lookin for that type of guitar. I have played several different ones, and know a few guys that own them, and they are really put together well. I'll put up a review when it gets here.
Yes, I own one and have had it for one month. I hardly play my Fender Tele or Strat anymore. If you dont tell anyone they will think you paid $500.00 or more for it. Compared to the Ephi LP copy its beats it hands down. The Epi LP feels cheap and way over priced.

When you first get it. Yank off those strings and clean the neck with lemon oil real good. They come kinda dirty from the factory. Also the neck may feel kinda scratchy. Do lots of bends and playing and that goes away real quick.

Also the pups are hit or miss. They are real bright and a tad harsh. You will either love them or hate them. I am not saying they are bad, just different. I decided to keep them on for awhile. If I do change I recommend the GFS Bout brand.

They are heavy 10 maybe 11 pounds..

If yours is a rare one and arrives with problems. Kurt at Rondo will make it right!!!

Link is a pic of mine below.


Yes Agile fans have their own forum,, LOL

You will love your new ax and they are a steel for the price...
They are amazing guitars regardless of the price. I own 2. My buddy owns 5. There is no reason to buy a $1,000 guitar anymore.
Thanks for the great comments!

Rondo Music
i have the les paul style model 3500.i put active mustaines in it and it rocks and plays as good as any les out there.truly is a steal.im going for that explorer type next.i bet it rules.ill let you know.