Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard

Elitist Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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picturethis 07/09/2011

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard : picturethis's user review

« stylish yes, useful, kind of.. »

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epiphone have produced some nice looking guitars, and my les paul is definitely one of them. it came from the epiphone factory in china, (unfortunately) though its nice black cherry red colour is what firstly pulled me in.
typical 22 fret les paul with two volume and two tone knobs and tune-o-matic bridge also pulled me in as all i ever wanted was a les paul..
The good features of this guitar is a set mahogany neck and epiphones 14 degree headstock angle as well as standard grover tuners provide the player with a guitar that will stay in tune whilst thrashing it!


the les paul shape with a single cutaway allows some easier access to the upper frets though it would be wise for epiphone to start filing down the back side to allow even better access.
One thing i didnt know back then but now do is pickups definitely make a difference, as a young chap just wanting the prettiest guitar i could find i did not care about the les pauls standard epiphone pickups which can get a nice clean sound but no good for the heavier types of music as i so much long for.
As a typical les paul it does way a fair bit so i dont recomend throwing this one over your shoulder without a lock-in strap and it did hurt to hold for a long show at first. And again as people know these guitars can take a beating! im not exactly nice to my gear and this guitar has not given me one bit of a problem yet in the two and a bit years i've owned it.


i run this through my vox effects pedal and then either direct into my computer or out into my vox vt 50 clean channel, as i said it is no longer good to me for my style of music but as my first decent guitar i dont want to let it go.
I recommend getting after-market pickups installed either emg's or seymour duncans black-outs, though after installing these you may as well have gotten a different guitar.
The standard pickups do deliver a nice dynamic clean sound, they just get muddy as the player goes towards the "dark side" of gain and distortion.
Though yes, for my jazz/blues/cleans this guitar is next to brilliant.


ok, admittedly for the price this guitar is good. though retail at most stores now is around $900-1100 Autralian. Add some good pick-ups and that brings it to 1300 at which price i'd preferably get my shecter or a jackson or even an esp/ltd.
The looks are brilliant and the cleans are still amazing but it simply does not suit my style of playing. Its heavy, muddy, stays in tune, fun to look at but less fun to play.
All in all, good for beginners.
If i knew know what i did then, i would get a shecter haha!

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