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Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty
Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty

LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone belonging to the Les Paul series.

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MGR/Prince Karpinski MGR/Prince Karpinski

« Epiphone Black Beauty »

Publié le 12/29/04 à 15:00
I got this at peterborough music and paid 499GBP for it. Bargain. I'd tried several guitars and this was just the best.

hmmmm, well its gorgeous! Black with all gold hardware! the 3 humbuckers are awesome. At first i though the middle was useless but it didnt take me long to figure out how to put it use. The sound is incredible! deep and powefull but smooth. Clean it plays like a dream, perfect for the woo-ing! put it on distortion and its a rock feind. You really dont need much gain to get an awesome sound and if you turn it all the way up it and you get some wicked modern metal sounds. The best thing about it is if you like the white stripes with a bit of a fiddle you can it to sound just like jack white's guitar. the neck and fret feel like silk. I was looking for something with a thin neck but it really doesnt matter with this. I dont play solo's, mostly rythem and i can move differnt cord shapes all over the neck with speed and ease. People say les pauls are heavy. No guitars are heavy!, just heavier than other guitars. So i dont see what the problem is. personally i like to feel the weight of my guitar.

I tried a korean made Fender Strat with Seymoure Duncan and it was £499 woth of crap. I treid a burns Brain May for £500a nd that was nice but nothing like my Balck Beauty.

The shape isnt as comfomatable as my start copy, when sitting, but its not too much of a problem. There was a tiny ding on the head stock. The pickup selecter should be 5 way, not 3 but i may look into getting this upgrade.

The term axe is best used hear. This thing feels so solid i reckon i could take someones head off with it. easy. i've only had it 4 days though so i cant comment on how long it lasts. One of the 'buckers was slightly at an angle, and i'm talking about 2 degrees. not noticable. besides, i like thinking mine is a little different.

Bottom line, dont buy this guitar. Its mine! seriuosly though, i'm considering going into international waters so i can marry it. I love it and have no regrets. Its beautifull, and sounds great. a real mans guitar.

If anyone stole it i'd hunt them down and force them to listen to Blazing Squad. Torture!

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