Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Les Paul Special II, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

MGR/Blackdog 05/30/2010

Epiphone Les Paul Special II : MGR/Blackdog's user review

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Transparent Wine finish and black tint hardware with 2 humbuckers. Single volume and single tone control; 3 way switch.

Well made and the workmanship is surprisingly good. No finish drips, etc, neck pocket is very tight (it's a bolt on neck), frets are very nice and needed no attention. Setup was almost perfect, but took a small amount of nut slot deepining and lowering of the saddle wheels.

I recorded 1 record thus far and play regularly in my town. I am known as a good song writer and performer, but not professional caliber performer. I havew played since I was a kid (40 years). I studied classical guitar and play with nails mostly.

Big Box store for $170. I was thinking of a Squier Tele with 2 p90s, but this guitar was a better feel and sounds quite good.

Well made and set was very good from the factory. Indonesia made, and it's the equal of most Gibsons from the USA for build and finish. The cavity is neat and clean, fretboard is clean and fret endsw are smoothed.

Plays great right off the rack and sounds good enough to gig with. It's ratedthe #3 electric under $500 for a reason!

I would have liked separate controls and a coil tap. But this is a low priced basic guitar. You are not going to get special features for cheap. Tuners are adequate, but not in the Grover class.

This is surprisingly good. Not handsome woods, but well made and the neck angle is right. The over-all build and finish is quite good. I mean like as good as most any guitar short of a Tom Anderson or expensive Japan Epiphone.

A best value guitar suitable for anyone short of a polished pro! It's that good and I have top notch guitars. I have owned most of the real good stuff (Eric Johnson Strat, Tokai LP Reborn, a Bill Crook Tele, etc.).

The Epi Special II for $170 is a steal!

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