Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Les Paul Special II, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

MGR/Retb 03/04/2005

Epiphone Les Paul Special II : MGR/Retb's user review

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I bought this axe at Guitar Center. One hint, NEVER buy anything at guitar center without a price match. They will always over-charge you. I paid $250 for this guitar originally, but I came back a few days later and got the price lowered to $150. "LP" in this case didn't mean Les Paul, it meant "low price"!

Low price isn't always a bad thing. For the price my axe was very good. The tone is amazing it totally out-plays the squiers it's not even in the same ballpark. I love the placemant of the pickup selector. It's really easy to access while playing. I liked the feel of the neck as well. It's pretty thi, so it easy for beginners and the fretboart is nice and wide, but not too wide. Also, the finish and datailing is beyond perfect. It can take a good beating too.

A few things needed to be fixed on my axe within the first year. My input jack broke, my strap pegs fell off, and the standard tuners are junk. Overall, after those repairs (about $110) this axe is very good. I gig with it all the time.

Overall, the good things on this axe are the neck, the detailing, the body, the knobs and wiring, and the hardware. Everything else could use a little work.

I highly recommend this axe to any beginner or as a second guitar for an intermediate player. It'll last you well through the intermediate stage.

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