ESP Eclipse-I CTM
ESP Eclipse-I CTM

Eclipse-I CTM, LP-Shaped Guitar from ESP in the Eclipse-I series.

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tjon901 10/17/2011

ESP Eclipse-I CTM : tjon901's user review

« Old school ESP style »

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The ESP Eclipse is a classic design. It takes the recognizable single cut shape and puts a more modern metal spin on it. The CTM has less of a modern spin, it has more of an old school design. The CTM means it has a thicker body with double binding and less body bevels. This model is closer to a Les Paul than most other Eclipse models. The hardware on this model is top notch like you would expect on any made in Japan ESP. Up top you get locking tuners on the headstock and a nice tune-o-matic bridge at the bottom. The body and neck are mahogany with a set neck construction. The fretboard is ebony with 22 jumbo frets and the ESP flag inlays. The pickups are a set of active EMG's. You get the 60 in the neck and the 81 in the bridge this is the old James Hetfield set from before he got his signature set of pickups. You get the classic control layout with a volume and tone for each pickup and a 3 way toggle.


These guitars have more of the classic feel due to their bigger bodies and less bevels. Other Eclipse models have 24 frets which require more beveling but with the 22 on this guitar you can easily reach them without the extra cutaways. The body is thicker and you can feel it. It has no tummy cut so you can feel the guitar when you play it, it doesnt disappear. The locking tuners lock everything down. Every guitar should come with locking tuners nowadays. Since the pickups are active ESP includes a battery compartment for them so you can change the battery without having to open up the entire guitar.


The 81 and 60 are a classic EMG setup and pretty much everything has been said about them already. They are as versatile as a set of active EMG's can get. The 81 has a classic metal sound. It has a great high end crunch so it retains clarity whatever you are playing and through whatever you are playing. The 60 in the neck is EMG's classic neck and clean pickup. It does not have much output but this makes it great for clean passages and neck position playing. This is the traditional shortcoming for most EMG pickups so having an EMG that is good at this in your guitar is a nice trade off to the heavy bridge pickup.


Now that there is an LTD EC CTM model this model is pretty much not needed anymore. If someone came into my shop asking for a CTM I would point them to the LTD model. Having played both models the differences in feel are barely there and they have identical hardware and electronics. The LTD version is about half as much when it comes to price. With a good setup they will play the same. If you are looking for an ESP that has more of that classic look and feel the CTM models are what you should look for.