Gibson 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue 2013
Gibson 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue 2013

1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue 2013, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Quaraz 06/19/2013

Gibson 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue 2013 : Quaraz's user review

«  Another world ... »

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Manufacturing Nashville USA by Gibson Custom Shop.

For Gibson, 2013 is "The Year of the Les Paul" and the 2013 versions of the Historic Les Paul VOS (Vintage Original Specs) have reached a new stage in approaching a little more of the original models!

- Solid body mahogany
- Non flamed Maple ("top level")
- Mahogany profile with "early 50's"
- Rosewood (one piece)
- 22 Medium Jumbo frets (adjustment via the Plek system)
- Junction body / neck, tuss-rod and glue "historic" YOUR
- Pickups Custom Buckers Alinco III, only available on certain models Custom Shop Gibson
- Capacities Bumblebee & CTS potentiometers
- Fintion "aniline dye" and nitrocellulose lacquer YOUR
- ABR-1 bridge and stopbar aluminum
- Nickel Plated Hardware
- Mechanical Kluson "Green Key" Deluxe
- Case Custom Shop made in Canada


The handle "early 50s" has a fairly round profile, it goes perfectly with the philosophy Blues / Rock this beauty. I had a 2005 LP Standard with a late 60s round "slim type", the first few minutes were therefore quite confusing but now I swear by the "big" 50s!

The volume and tone knobs are of incredible efficiency compared to all the guitars I could have or try.

The adjustment handle is perfect original (Plek thank you!). I went in with 11-48 strings around the stop bar and it's still perfect!

The tuning stability is excellent on all the strings, unlike my old Les Paul ...

The weight is not too much for a LP full body, but it varies greatly from one model to another.

Only downsides:
- The patina finish is beautiful but a single shot nail leaves a trace, manic will often pass the polish ..
- The tie straps are "historical" and very pretty, but tiny ... Must always allow the strap to the leather remains rigid is put locking fasteners (much less "vintage")


I play mostly blues and rock, this guitar is perfect for that. "The Thrill Is Gone" by BB King "Sweet Child O'Mine" by Guns through a bit of Led Zep, the sound is crying.

His favorite subject is the crunch because it has an incredible dynamic, stroking the strings has a beautiful clear sound and attack as soon as you arrive at the AC / DC. It's like a built-in booster pick!

Originally it has a lot of treble, either on the high or low microphone. I played with the tone down on the two microphones (6 on acute 8 on bass) and does nothing to affect the richness of the sound. Better still, it helps to have an acute reserve out of the mix as needed.

The volume knobs work with the same efficiency as if the amplifier gain is lowered. On a single-channel amp is really the foot, sometimes gets a better sound when playing with the volume of the guitar with the amp gain.

I no longer affects only the Gibson knobs to adjust my sound, whether for gain / volume or tone ...

As for sutain at nirvana comes with this violin.


I for 3 months and it amazes me a little more each time I play it. Once you start to play, impossible to stop.

Icing on the cake, the VOS finish is really beautiful.

I started with an Epiphone LP 91, then I got a Gibson LP Studio 96 and a Gibson LP Standard in 2005. Each time it was a slap when I went to the model above, and once again I resumes, the Gibson Custom Shop is really another world ..