Gibson Les Paul Artisan
Gibson Les Paul Artisan

Les Paul Artisan, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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-Livingroom- 11/15/2013

Gibson Les Paul Artisan : -Livingroom-'s user review

«  A marvel. »

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Made in USA Kalamazoo, this is an exceptional guitar produced only 2,200 copies between 1976 and 1979. A handle gibson (pickaxe handle as I call them, I like, it is holding) 22 frets, three original humbucker (t top, or versions before I know more).

I changed, because I bought a handyman who had just anything above (including a black aquarethane who shot the electric blue, it was horrible). So I added him a Bigsby, the gotoh smécaniques locking and more of the tones I put a filter to "purify" the sound of humbuckers for cleans (or have narrow all distortion ), in short it is a bit like a split pickups.


The handle is visually stunning (and the head), and very nice to play with the thumb on the button. The sound is simple to have a huge sustain (although my other les paul is worse at this level), and a huge palette of sounds with three pickups over the filter. It's simple, by digging a little and having the right amp can play anything. After a gibson stamp on guard.


It is like any gibson perfect for blues rock, after agreements for fast power chords and it goes, but not saturated full chords it out of the mix, it is very rough and medium. But this is not what we mui request :) The handle is very comfortable and allows us some nice acrobatics. The cleans are creamy and crunch arrives quickly when you attack the strings. This is a queen, and a queen is demanding, it is not an easy guitar (mine shows 6.9kg), the game deserves. But she knows how to build a semblance of love story with its owner.


I use it for two years. I like the bright side, a rare and unique customization that I inflicted on him, while remaining within the spirit rock chic gibson. It is a unique instrument, and one is probably not for everyone. But in his area it is perfect.