Gibson Les Paul Artisan
Gibson Les Paul Artisan

Les Paul Artisan, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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peperezikoss 09/21/2014

Gibson Les Paul Artisan : peperezikoss's user review

«  Exeptionnelle guitar = "ITS EXEPTIONNEL" »

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Made in USA
The handle has a very thin profile frets 22 C profile fine
which gives a quick game on the handle with dizzying slipped
a quick glance at the photos of the handle NC


The handle is a boulevard or rather an ice rink
access to acute is natural without gene
sounds do not couaquent do not curl it's very upscale
His presence is there and it's not the amps that alter its presence
she is generous it can do anything Jazz, funk, rock, anything goes and it is allowed to make
naughty and asks for more
If it is necessary to find a fault I would say "weight" (4,75kg)
but as it is this weight (mass) which gives the resonance of beautiful then ....
So if we look it up! the choice is simple


She does it all and meets all my needs style
I play it on a Fender Hot Road 40W
With my Hiwatt DR201 200W
Or a small Epiphone Valve Senior 18W
It's always happiness


I play with since 1977! and pleasure always the same
I have other guitars that give me a lot of emotion
But as this "Les Paul Custom Artisan 3" is not comparable

I think if I do not own and I found myself in front of this guitar shop
Today I flasherais again despite the crazy price.
In 1977 I bought a 8500 F then the normal Paul was worth about 2500 F a ratio of 3.4
And at that time one of the basic Paul, was costing about the equivalent of 1.5 months of wages of highly qualified professional
Little calculation with a salary that I consider to 3200 X 1.5 = € 4,800 rat LPN vs LPA 5250 X 3.4 = € 16,320
so today if I wanted to offer me I would have to win the lottery .. :) and Grandma would not Ok