Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus
Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus

Les Paul Classic Premium Plus, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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marcowylde 06/09/2004

Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus : marcowylde's user review


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Here is the Table:

Les Paul Standard 1960 rdit from 95/96.

Manufacturing Amricaine course, in the new plant in Nashville

2 humbuckers type Cramic without cover, the famous Gibson 500T in the bridge position is devastating!

Electronics classic Les Paul: 2 vol, 2 tone, 1 toggle switch 3 position

ABR bridge the old one is that the screws are directly taken from the table without pegs ...
stop along the famous bar. Mechanical Kluson type simple. All hardware is nickel, a nine is that it shines and old dull! How old!

AA Flamed Maple top, Mahogany body, neck Aacajou, Key Palisandre 22 frets, graduation trapzes, all ends as if it had already spent 20 years in the sun (the patent on this model is Brilant course when buy new!)
The handle of mine is a round thin profile type 1960, there is a larger type MODEL 59 (Les Paul Custom Review conf more)

General Finishing: perfect! MODEL better than standard! Normal, considering the price!

No skid plate .... That's it!


The handle is a real highway! impressive, easy to play up and down!
(I speak for the who knows what the big race of the standard or custom etc ...)

The eternal problem of the Les Paul is still!
5 dernires the boxes and the weight! but I will not dwell on it because like the whole world that plays the above, I have taken a game fits!

"- Gets it easy to sound good ?..." ????? but of course!! Oh Wretched not ask questions like is a Fada!


To view the sections conf Les Paul Custom more ... it's the same except that the Classic sounds a bit harder than the custom ... I told him al PAFS 2 EMG 85 in severe and acute in 81, which increases in core over this type of sound


It's my Les Paul Premire (True not copy anything!)

I got it in 98, I do not never part!, I do not play the above is not possible to be addicted as a! I should make a cure ...................... yeah !.......... a walk can be!

Remains the price!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah! in 98 it cost 21,000 francs of our old, I let you appreciate the prize today!

This is no longer MODEL! And yeah! tanpis you had to be the first! MODEL remains a replacement!

The Les Paul Standard 2003 and 2004 who return this sleeve, the same wood, style!
Ok good! it is not given either, but it is the only like it! A mediator and test your self has!