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brui2fon 11/21/2008

Gibson Les Paul Faded DC : brui2fon's user review


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guitar is a very simple and intuitive, no need to tweak the knobs, rang


The handle is on top, really ideal, super playable, it combines all the benefits! width of the button, radius, profile and thickness of the handle ...
CASC to treble is like a SG, double cutaway forces, the top has to ....
lgre ultra, super enjoyable to play for hours
to get a good sound drive, micro acute for clean passes rsur micro serious or middle position. No, Seriously, brilliant!


I love Me
the P90 c really my thing
to play blues rock has Bertignac example, c extra
telephony also, at the beginning they had identical models
but you can easily play reggae or another with
c rather bold, but biting, well defined, sharp, a little dry ...
with fender, marshall, carvin .... rang! this guitar really has a personality ^ vintage amp is more typ has more rings!


I've had 10 months
I like its simplicity ...
I played lots of guitars for 20 years ....
the ratio Q / P is excellent