Gibson Les Paul Special Faded P90
Gibson Les Paul Special Faded P90
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rhum66 07/24/2008

Gibson Les Paul Special Faded P90 : rhum66's user review


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US-Manufacturing, Gibson "china" is not near to exist, unfortunately for the guitarist with little means.

-The neck has 22 frets non-cash, access to acute perfect SG or Flying type. Key rosewood, large profile type C 50 ', perfect to place complex arrangements or to run large riffs without risk of sliding.

They 'model acts "double cut", cut and profile body that inspired the SG (the SG is actually the evolution of the Les Paul Special DC 1955-1958).

Micros P100 (ie high tech version of the P90 insulated buzz.)

Tune o matic same as top model of the brand.

Varnish does not exist, it is a question more than a patina slightly "relic", supposed to be spent in places worn ... with pores of the wood (mahogany) open and visible, My TV model is yellow and frankly, I blame Gibson to seek economies in the wrong place: this guitar is ugly and when you see what the Chinese do in terms of paint and varnish it regretted that a great brand like Gibson manufactures instrument with finishes as poor, he DID that has to démerder to finish their guitar in Asia ...)

I put only 5 to polish the story that I find ridiculous.


As I said, the ugly is to be classified in the "baseball bat": a big C, mounted with jumbo frets and a rosewood lambda button a little rough and not very roots satin at all. The radius is fairly flat: 12 "to confirm.
Access to the treble is perfect, that is totally out of touch body and the heel is not very thick, so s' is perfect.
Mine is mounted over the 009-046 and the country (double bends etc ...), the action can be set very low with no buzz.

Quality: it is a guitar extremely light and handy, no cramp in the left shoulder.



this guitar excels in the field of sounds: the P100 out of fleshy clear and transparent without compression which will delight players of rockabilly and country.
With the microphones set, the sound is thick and soft woods, pure mahogany, very medium.
With the handle, that is more twang, more sustain on a note of tense, perfect for big solos in rock chuck berry acute and bitter.
The medium is very interesting position, with the slight effect out of phase resulting in a slight quack attack.

See test youtube:

Contol Of course the tones are effective but its clear, I would say that nothing has changed, the sound of the pickups out well without adjustments.


-A New World: Welcome to the world of blues and rock, amateur women tone you in heaven, with endless notes, piping in the media, and volume control which, for once become effective for this type of sounds ...

I personally am not very women tone, I like my guitar is more dynamic, with acute in the spirit Telecaster and s is possible, we can not only maintain its medium, which is the register of instrument.

A lot of sustain: Start being a player for 25 years, I know what I mean: it m 'came to literally start to wonder what was going on so the notes "held", which from the game Start new is really ...).

I have learned to adapt my game to this guitar which is always interresting.

This is just my guitar "big sound", all things (beyond of ACDC this guitar is no longer valid)

In short, that is a very guitar santana woodstock period (he plays for that matter a 67 SG with P90 in the movie ...), not a mistake, you will be in this spirit: women t-woody tone very medium with lots of crunch or sustain in clairdans mind telecaster type rockab or more muscular and less twang.

The highlight of the entry-level Gibson (1200 Euros): super simple microphones on a violin (ugly) but serious.

The right solution if, like me, you can not afford the "Les Paul Gold Top P90 historic series. sounds crunch

[/ url] clean sounds


I use it for 2 years, every time I need a spirit more rock that can not afford my strats.
So a hard rock or blues guitar, less fine that a stratum, but the day you wake up "moon" zztop, we are glad to have it in stock.
The meeting with this guitar is a chance one day I was hanging Pigalle and I have seen a guy try this guitar, I knew a bit and this P90 to confirm the thing that is really what type of guitar or very roots the sound is in tact with a lot of sensuality, not technology, but a lot of feeling for the play.
As I said, one of my old dream to have one day in my gear, a Goldtop P90, but that is really expensive so in the meantime I have this little Gibs who does his job.

My amp is a Deluxe Reverb 22 Watt All Tube, with TS and 808 MXR dyna comp Whah + a (I don 't use the reverb from the amp).. This guitar s' integrates perfectly in this set.