Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess
Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess

Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Custom Shop Les Paul series.

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iamqman 08/09/2011

Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess : iamqman's user review

« The working man's guitar »

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I am a big fan of Rush and a big fan of Alex Lifeson. I love this guitar for a couple reason, and some of them are obvious and some are just biased towards Rush. Gibson has made some scratch your head type guitars that makes me wonder what are they thinking and then they come together and take and existing product and make it better. They have taking a classic American guitar and compounded upon its glory. The features that has impressed me is simply the axcess part of this guitar. If you have ever played a Gibson Les Paul or just picked one up at a local shop or store you have felt a study piece of wood. What you have also found is that unlike a Gibson SG where you have complete and utter access to the upper frets, you don't with this a Gibson Les Paul. Now with the axcess features you can rip up the fretboard with speed and not be confined to limitation of the higher frets. PLus you have the Floyd Rose tremolo so you can get those 80's squeals on a Gibson Les Paul.


* Viceroy brown finish specified and approved by Alex
* 1 Piece Mahogany Back
* Figured Maple Top
* 1 Piece Mahogany Neck
* Bound Rosewood Fingerboard
* 12" radius
* Pearloid Trapezoid Inlays
* Green Key Tuners
* Graphtech™ Ghost® piezo system-equipped Floyd Rose® licensed double-locking tremolo system
* 496R ceramic-magnet neck humbucker
* 498T Alnico V bridge humbucker
* 3 Volume controls: 2 push-pull volume pots for series/parallel wiring of each respective magnetic pickup, 1 volume pot for piezo
* 1 Master Tone control: magnetic
* pickups only
* 3-way toggle pickup selector switch (magnetic pickups only)
* Dual output jacks:
* “Regular” – magnetic and piezo signal outputs combined
* “Life-O-Sound” – piezo signal output only (“Regular” then has magnetic signal output only)


These guitars make me want to play and play with extreme passion. I love Gibson Les Paul so much that they have been my favorite guitar for years. I always had one problem though, not being able to reach the higher frets. This was so limiting to me compared to the Washburn N4 which had a cut away and allowed my to reach the 20th fret with not complication at all. Now added on to it the ability to have a Floyd Rose and this has become my favorite guitar for the week at least. Some people don't like the tone of a FLoyd rose and I don't blame them. It is for some and not for others.

This has not been a must own for me. The deep mahogany tone and now with the fret access is a dream guitar. This is a custom piece so it is expensive but it is Gibson's gift to guitar players around the world. So this guitar will sustain better in the higher register because of your fingers not being able to press the notes accurately.


These guitars come in new at around $3999, which isn't that bad compared to other Gibson Les Pauls and many other signature guitars from other buiders. This is still a lot of money for most people including myself but well worth the price if you can score one. A Gibson Les Paul will be handed down to your kids one day because you tend not to sell them. They are lifer guitars and just absolute tone monsters. PLus one that is a signature of one of my favorite guitarists is a plus as well.