Gibson [Guitar of the Month - May 2008] Les Paul Push Tone - Antique Natural
Gibson [Guitar of the Month - May 2008] Les Paul Push Tone - Antique Natural

[Guitar of the Month - May 2008] Les Paul Push Tone - Antique Natural, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Month series.

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marcoz84 05/22/2009

Gibson [Guitar of the Month - May 2008] Les Paul Push Tone - Antique Natural : marcoz84's user review


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Country of manufacture: USA
Number of frets: 22
Micro: is the big feature of this guitar it comes with two interchangeable microphone pair 10 seconds lap! a set of P94s very typical blues and a set of pro Burstbucker very powerful. This makes this model a guitar very versatile because you can have different configuration mixing the two types of microphone.
The setting: as on all the classic Les Paul 2 tone, 2 volume, 3-position selector.
The handle: Profile 50s ebony inlaid with maple. Table natural class AAA.


Neck is very nice of Gibson!
access to acute for me yes because I have big hands as if all the Les Paul ...
Like all the Les Paul any exceptions to loan it made its weight but hey we need to know what you want. You really feel like a real guitar in his hands!!
The sound ... HUGE !!!!! whatever the configuration is connected to the ring of fire god!! the clear lens in the saturated harder through the velvet sound very jazzy and bluesy crunch everything is there not a sound that is not got!


I played with three teams who have each their style and this guitar does so at 300% every time. I play with a blues and jazz and I put the p94s is sumptuous, with another I play heavy blues rock and I put her tears Burstbucker pro and despite a drummer who types like a deaf and with my 3rd training style is santana and there like the Les Paul sounds crazy, mixing p94s side easel Burstbucker pro side handle.
All sounds appropriate to me there is nothing to throw away!!
Oh yeah I play a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe "Bluesman" and a Pod X3 Live.


I use it for 6 months for two to three hours a day and I love everything in this guitar.
before realizing that dream I had a godin artisan, a PRS CE24 and other models without interest. On the day of purchase I was gone for a Les Paul, I went to brock & music nimes (30) I tried a couple of good model differs before falling onto this gem after three hours of tests and having succeeded in isolating two models!
Value for money heuuuu is a Les Paul model from the very months of 2008 can have a copy so that's what ... and yes I do it again this choice without hesitation.