Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012

Les Paul Studio 2012, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

CT-64140 07/17/2013

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 : CT-64140's user review

« Formidable »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Origin: USA
Body: Mahogany chambered
Table: carved maple
Neck: quartersawn Mahogany
Key: Granadillo
Profile: 50s Rounded
Body-neck joint: glued, mortise & tenon
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo typed
Scale: 24.75 "
Radius: 12 "
Nut Width: 1.695 "- 43.05 mm
Nut: Corian (acrylic polymer) technology plek
Pickup: Gibson 498T Humbucker Alnico Humbucker
Neck Pickup: 490R Alnico humbucker Gibson Humbucker
Controls: 1 volume with micro push-pull splitage, 1 micro tone, 3-position selector
Electronics: micro switch and Switchcraft jack, linear potentiometers 300k volume, 500k tone nonlinear
Bridge: Gibson Tun-O-Matic zamak
Tailpiece: Gibson Stopbar zamak
Tuners: Vintage Gibson with Perloid buttons, 14:1 ratio, nickel
Hardware: chrome
Varnish: nitrocellulose, shiny
Accessories: delivered in case Gibson Nashville USA
Original strings Gibson tie 010046


Many speak of "sleeves lumberjack" about Les Paul. Personally, I enjoy with this handle. I often use the Stratocaster another musician and I much prefer that of Gibson. Sensations qu'apportent play a guitar neck depend on each ...

The Les Paul "Studio" is lighter than its larger, more expensive sisters. According to many opinions, ergonomics is not ideal. The most confusing for me at the beginning with this guitar was the absence of "stoned" on its back: I wear the guitar high enough and the upper rear part based on the sternum and the effect of pressure on places lifting straps that the front table of the guitar is slightly pivoted upwards (mics tend to look at the sky!). But I quickly got me! In addition, the body balance / handle is excellent. And finally, I think it is quite comfortable to wear. Reasonable weight makes me feel like a "real" solid-body guitar in hand - so that when I play with a Strat, I can not help but feel a toy is hanged my shoulder.

Access to the treble? Certainly not as good as with a Strat, an SG or my Vox SDC 55. But we made it also. Many other qualities, in my opinion, compensate.

The sound good? You do not get it. It was immediately when the guitar is plugged. And even vacuum is fun to feel the vibration of his body. It has excellent sustain.

The tuning stability is remarkable. It happened to me (unfortunately) to leave two weeks in its case without play and find perfectly tuned. During the game, when the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) are stable it does not move! (Stabilié but the agreement also depends on how you play!)

The output levels of the microphones are high. Of all my guitars, this is the one that sends the most potatoes. I guess on the amp saturates fairly quickly, it must be difficult to get the 100% clear ... The pots are very good volume of work, especially to adjust the level of distortion. In terms of tone controls: escalation is good.

Remarkable point (this is not the case with all brands of guitars with microphones splitables): no difference in volume when switching from single-coil mode the humbucker.


It suits my style of music in beautiful blues, great capacity to sound jazzy, hell with a good distortion for rock. In short, a sound and quality (in my opinion) very similar to its large "standard" sisters or "custom", etc ...

Anyway, if you like the "Gibson sound", we can bring the studio, I think, to play almost any kind of music (I put aside the "metal" or "heavy metal" I don ' know nothing about the matter and therefore not going to comment). Maybe for the rockabily, the "edge" that can be obtained is too located in the midrange? But after all, perhaps you will agree with me that this is the style of game that gives authenticity to the style of music you play: entrust a Les Paul to Chet Atkins, it still sound Atkins put a Strat in the hands of Metheny, Metheny sound that too! etc ...

I think with a Les Paul, as with any good guitar, you can do everything or almost provided it has style and we will love the sound!

The pickups are splitables. In single-coil, of course, you lose a lot of "lespaulien" typically bold, but it is far from the world of Tele or Strat! The sound is a sort of hybrid mixing velvety attack would reminiscent of electro-acoustic sound with huge sustain on which would cut some of the highs. Difficult to describe sound with words! Personally, I'm not a fan of using in single coil with clear sound - except perhaps on the neck pickup. With overdrive, the splitting ratio in single I really like, for cons, I will not talk about overdrive humbucker: any "little sister" she is, it's still a Les Paul! :-)

All my amps (Palmer Fat 50 combo Laney Cube 12R 112 Combo Egnater Rebel), it sounds great. The quality of what one gets is of course proportional to the quality of the amp. Connected to my (great) Egnater, clear or saturated sounds, it is a pure delight! When I switched my Okko Diablo, I like being in paradise.

For those who do not know the Les Paul and his seeking of highly crystalline sound with a tight towards the treble spectrum, it is not the guitar that they need. The Les Paul in general, and even the "Studio", sends his bold with beautiful velvety in the middle and lower part of the spectrum, the attack is colored medium-less.

The sounds that I love? All!

I hate those? no!

The ones I like least? In single-coil with its light on the bridge pickup ...


I used it for 8 months with as much pleasure and envy.

I wanted a Les Paul and a budget not elastic, so I did not try to compare.

The violin is of good quality (I do not agree with those who say that there is carelessness in Gibson, at least with regard to the Studio I own). Aesthetics (color, paint, chrome deck hardware, etc.) is beautiful! He would miss him a net, but the net at Gibson probably costs € 1,000 more - just kidding: I guess the "Standard" or "Custom" have, in addition to the net which I lack of Other features that justify their price difference.

My only tiny downside is the opening in back of the neck, I prefer matte surfaces.

I have not used enough of big sisters studio so I do not go against those who say that the Studio is far inferior to the Standard or Custom. I against by the frequent opportunity to play on a Les Paul Custom Epiphone from home and even though I think it is an excellent price / quality ratio, I feel a pleasure to play on any other Studio: I think it is, in absolute terms, clearly above!

The quality / price? Found here and there models Studio 2012 around € 900. At that price it seems to me that we really-really-really worth the money! For less than € 1,000, which for me is a dream guitar!

At 300%, I do it again the same choice! and I confess that even the desire to rise in a Studio P90 tickles me!