Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

Les Paul Studio Gothic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Mr Kay 12/28/2005

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic : Mr Kay's user review


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Typical of a Les Paul on which all t adj said, some yanamoins Difference:
- Matt black varnish the most beautiful effect but quite fragile and tend to be brighter on the parts most stressed (rear of the neck, upper body)
- A black hardware itself as well.
- The protrait Orville Gibson on the rear of the head.
- A key to bne.
- A finer body of a good centimtre.
- No covers on the pickups (490R and 498T as usual).
- One small Douzima inlay on the box instead of trapzes.
- Of which take mcaniques grover trs good agreement.

6 only for the fragility of the varnish (must carefully handle the bte), for allegedly frtes MRIT more care (other studio LP I've tried calling the same comment, even when some of foutage g. .. for a guitar of this price), and for the soft poo tui color collection outdoor / indoor fuchsia in the full dcalage with the spirit of the guitar.


It's a feel of Les Paul with all that was involved, he must love.

The thinness of the body makes it more enjoyable to play a traditional LP (PSE it even when its weight), also hold the handle typical 50's wide rev it worth a 10 (unable to Lilliputians playing on the sleeves of Ibanez, I prfre sleeves that are well in hand, my opinion is subjective trs).

For many times accidentally lowered the volume while playing a Start, j'apprcie also the position of the knobs on the LP


Aaaahhhh, sound ...

When achte an LP, it's still even for a surprise and not too much of the same ct if the diffrence of violin gives it its own personality.

In clear channel, it's distilled fatty lespaulien typically, all as a bit more crystalline (I noticed the same thing on a LP Custom, also equipped with a button in bne) and a little crunch dj little we attack a little dry.

This is the crunch channel that is best bte out his (dirty) characters, gives a hollow sound, cass and rust that you wash your ears in proper shape. Perfect for punk / post punk.


I use it for 5 years, mostly in the studio, if I found a little CHRE the era, a c'tait Gibson, SERIES limit surcrot and perfect for my style music so I function. And even before the price c'tait no flames.

If c'tait again today, I would make a choice as the ratio of qualitprix Gibson has become laughable. At current prices, I prfrerais me to do the same by a luthier and a more robust coating.