Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic

Les Paul Studio Gothic, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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MGR/DemonsrUs 11/17/2002

Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic : MGR/DemonsrUs's user review

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Our local pawn shop/hamby's music. It had
$925 on it but he generously let me have it
for $850. Even with the low amount of $$$
I make I was going to go into debt to own it.But $850 still isnt bad considering this
axe is dead mint.You get what you pay for and
this guitar shows that it is worth every penny!

Whats not to love? Satin Black finish,
black hardware,killer sustain,great feel,
excellent playability, a ripping 490R at
the neck and a powerful 498T at the bridge.
If you think the gothic les paul can raise
the hair on youre neck by looking at it,
wait till you play it!! It did not take
5 minutes worth of playing to realize that I
had to have it. Think of it as a sexy chick
in black leather that you must hold on to
and cherish forever. Came with a sweet lavendery plush case too, very stylish!!
I play heavy doom metal which this axe
took on well but it can handle a # of tones.

Not even a big enough dislike to mention:
Like most all pauls it is on the heavy
side. It sure wouldnt stop me from buying
this guitar! Some players might need
a while to get used to the larger gibson
neck too, but you'll like it trust me.
The pricing can be high also, but you will
definetly appreciate what you get with a

A Gibson Les paul's build is legendary and the gothic studio is no different. When you
say "les paul" People know what kind of quality you are talking about, it speaks
for it's self. Besides even though it is very gig worthy I wont be slinging it around
into things. 5-star construction baby!!

Why are you still reading this? Go buy
one!! It is that awesome! I just regret
not getting it sooner,it's a stripped
down tone machine that begs to be played!
And yes you could look at it as long as you could play it!!

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