Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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iamqman 08/12/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : iamqman's user review

« Not to bad of an intro »

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This Gibson Les Paul is more of a studio type series guitar from Gibson and has a tight and thirsty tone. This guitar I think is all mahogany and there's no maple on the top which doesn't help with taming the overall meatiness of this guitar. The guitar itself. It's pretty nice to look at its ebony or black paint job finish and it has a rosewood fretboard and the matching black headstock with pretty average Gibson pickups installed in both the bridge in the neck. Overall it's an okay guitar, it's nothing to write home about but it'll do the job if you can get a good deal on it.


The tone of this guitar is pretty standard for Les Paul's. It's nothing spectacular but it's right in the range of a normal Les Paul tone. This is a pretty easy guitar to use if you've ever played a Gibson guitar before. It has two volume control knobs as well as two tone control knobs. In addition it also has a pick up selector on the top part portion of the guitar itself. A normal six string guitar and it does an okay job at drop tunings but it won't give you those highs that you've looking for if you have a Gibson Les Paul with the maple top on it.


The tone is very studio quality in reference to the Gibson Les Paul studio guitars. They have a decent feel but not compared to the standards or the custom Gibson Les Paul guitars. The tone overall is pretty thick and not as balances as a custom or Standard with a nice fingered or quilted maple top.

I generally like the tone of the studio Gibson Les Paul with Mesa boogie dual rectifier amplifier. We have one in the band with this guitar and it sounded pretty decent for what he could do and it did the job that it was intended for.


These guitars you can find pretty easily on a use market and in classifieds. I highly suggested if you can get one for right around $7-$900. Gibson now is selling studio get Les Paul's for right at $800 new so that's another option aside from this one. It's a great guitar and it's fairly inexpensive guitar and it does the job quite well in my opinion.