Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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iamqman 08/12/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : iamqman's user review

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Gibson offers several ranges of the Les Paul series guitars for the professional guitarist as well as the budget consumer guitarist. they have a vast range of Les Paul's for exotic looks as well as pretty bare-bones guitars. This is going to be one of those bare-bones Gibson Les Paul petards.

This is Gibson Les Paul studio guitar which is the bottom as far as the price point goes. They're fairly inexpensive and they can come under well under $1000. That is a good intro price for someone who wants to step up to it good les Paul tone. These guitars are built out of mahogany wood most times with a rosewood fretboard.


These guitars are fairly easy to dial in and basically just crank up the volume on both channels I should say both pick ups and the volume knobs ups and the tone controls up to 10 as well. You have two volume controls and you have two tone control knobs as well as a pick up selector at the top of the guitar. It comes with the rosewood fretboard with the nice block pearl inlay for the frets. And you have a black headstock with the nice logo with Gibson at the top.


The studio Gibson Les Paul guitar is a general Les Paul tone. It will get you just about any Les Paul tone that you've ever heard, but the feel of the guitar will be a little bit different than a standard Gibson Les Paul or even a custom Gibson Les Paul. There isn't much change in tone from guitar to guitar unless the top is changed. And what I mean by that, is that some of the standard plus Gibson Les Paul's will have a quilted or fingered maple top which balances out the mahogany wood a little bit better.

I generally like these guitars with a Mesa boogie or a Marshall amplifier. These guitars really come into their own with a good high gain amplifier more so than they would with a clean amplifier such as a fender twin reverb. They don't sound as good to my ears with the clean amps as much as they do with the gainey distorted amplifier.


You can find these guitars new for right around $799. That is a pretty good price for an entry-level Gibson Les Paul guitar. This is an all mahogany guitar with the Rosewood fretboard and have a good solid rock 'n roll tone. The guitar doesn't clean up as well as a Fender guitar would so these are going to be the guitars I would match with a Fender amp as much as I would high gain amplifier. I highly recommend this guitar if you're looking to get into a Gibson Les Paul and you have a budget under $1000.