Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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bobbyblue 08/02/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : bobbyblue's user review

«  good but not top »

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description is well established
+ point:
light guitar
sound (even though I actively changing the board microphones! personal I opted for the classic 57 classic and 57 +)

the handle carved with an ax no regular hyper: | and finishes !!!!!!


les paul studio 57 + classic vintage sound at a good price guaranteed resonance (at the time)


I use it for blues, funk, rock, hard rock, jazz (very interesting) by connecting a model fender concert
I mainly use the amp saturation of the boost that I sometimes with a Fulltone OCD
I was looking for a very distinctive grain vintage (paul person, acdc ..) so I changed the original pickups that I found rather impersonal


I use it since 1995 was my first "real" guitar, les paul remember my first) I had never tried before others.

it can be a good guitar at a reasonable price as long as it customizes some microphones and we take the time to try other

remaining big problems in finishing the series (I hope this slows down the rendering has been resolved), which did not justify such a price

I have been compared with models of vintage models 70 'and c the slap sound and very different anyway! Small studios are less dense so its a less compact
I do not regret my choice but I still got lucky they do not sound all like that
I would save would be to remake one more for a model with more range or into a home to a luthier (c my choice for 2012)