Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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ulval 07/31/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : ulval's user review

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Mahogany body, curved maple table
Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard 22 frets
Benchmarks "Trapeze"
2 humbucker pickups 490R and 498T Alnico
2 volumes and 2 tones
A 3-position selector
Tune-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
Chrome hardware
Color "Red Wine" slightly revealing the wood grain


Mine date from 2004
This guitar is quite heavy (nothing to do with the new LP from the market) but you get used when it is well balanced.
The handle is big enough, it's a good "breeze block". I find it great fun to play rhythm or plans Ceratina solo rock but the size of the handle may bother some people.
Easy access to acute and tune-o-matic is great for everything "palm mute", the portion of the hand fits all alone.
The curved table (based on a table violin) is very nice.
The pickups are good, to play rock or metal.


This guitar is very suitable for rock, hard rock / etc, the sound is a bit greasy but that's what I want.
One can also make the metal with, see extreme metal but in this case we need to change the pickups, the Alnico too I just found for this kind of music.
One can obtain a clear interest in playing with the buttons but overall tone is a guitar that is more for saturation (well at least for me).
The've tried it on the transistor and the lamp, in 2 cases it's still good even if I have a preference for a good old Marshall JCM 900 2-body (I find this config great for rock / Stoner) but it is very well on a small transistor amp (Peavey or other) also play at home.


I use it for around 6 years, I am still very happy.
Before I played on an Ibanez Silver Series and when I plugged in the Les Paul Wow!
I tried an SG Standard, too, the handle is thinner but I prefer my Les Paul sound level.

What I like about it is weight, sonoritée (a little fat with a good gain), the tune-o-matic super nice for the "palm mute", the handle (it is a "breeze block" but a "paraping" pleasant).
The price / quality ratio is very good (890 euros in hand) but watch out for new series that have nothing to do and in my opinion too expensive for what it is (too small and of lower quality finish especially in level of the varnish).
Which can disturb it are big enough stick.
I would definitely do it again this choice

NB: Provide for the strap lock guiatre does not fall with a strap.