Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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James... 12/26/2011

Gibson Les Paul Studio : James...'s user review

« Hasn't held up that well »

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Usa made. Pretty much this is an LP standard with less appointments and different pickups. Also the white model I have has an ebony fretboard. I bought this with the intention of it being a touring guitar since most of my other Gibsons are too nice to take on tour and destroy, which I typically do. I compared it to a few upper end models like the standard and traditional. It's pound for pound the same thing besides a few minor features. The big one is the pickups and the lack of a maple cap. Although I've heard that now these actually do come with some sort of a maple top. I'm not really sure.


There's not much to say on this. It's a les paul. I do have some gripes though. I've been touring it for roughly a year and the finish has started to wear through to the wood. This has never really happened to me before. I would like a more durable finish. I guess if you want a well aged guitar it's not an issue but sweat seems to really eat through the paint on these. Also I think my neck has warped to some extent. My action has become very unstable and bad no matter what setup I give it. I think the neck angle has become misaligned with this bridge breaking angle. I understand this happens to guitars if they are exposed to elements. But I never really let that happen to mine. May be a bad piece of wood who knows.


The stock pickups are alright but I'm not a huge fan. I replaced mine with burstbuckers and like them a lot better. Most people seem to be happy with the stock ones though, I'm just very picky. To me it sounds like this guitar has a maple cap. I have a 2008 model fyi. I usually play it through a hughes and kettner statesman 50 into a matchless 2x12.


Seems like Gibson got cheap on the finish for mine but other than that and the neck warping I'd say this is a great value. Don't take my example as final word I'm sure I just got unlucky. But the finish issue I've heard is somewhat common. Take it for what you will. This is still a good deal on a perfectly good les paul guitar.