Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin

Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Prix public : $2,999 VAT
olivier61 08/21/2014

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany Satin : olivier61's user review


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The handle is very nice. It is not painted and it really glides well. I had the idea that the Gibson Les Paul were difficult to play well not really. It is very pleasant to play except perhaps in very acute acute, but it is anyway. The neck is thin and finger placement is done very well. I think even have progressed since I use it. Well it is relatively heavy but it is a normal Les Paul.


The sound is thick (it is said?), It asks only cruncher see more. I use it on a Vox AC15C1 and a Marshall DSL 5C and it sounds great on both. My favorite setup is with the marshall and TS9 for solos (not all the time). I agree with the two previous opinions, the sound is more serious, more fat than other guitars I've tried and that's what I liked. Playing the blues-rock (ZZ Top ...) is perfect. You can of course play with many other styles.


I use it for almost three years. When I bought it, I tried a Start, a SG 60's, a Les Paul 60's or 70's and a les paul studio. The price kept me (a little), but I cracked soon as I plugged. It really has nothing to do at his level. Being left-handed, I must content myself with what I find. Luckily the store had rested a few models including this one. This guitar has naturally stood out from the others. After there was the traditionnal but with varnish, I did not even want to try for fear of exploding even my budget.

To talk about the price I got it for € 1,300. At this price it's really interesting. At a higher price, so may have to pass on the varnished finish I think, to see on a standard after .....