Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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greg666 11/06/2003

Gibson Les Paul Standard : greg666's user review


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So for Madame, a Gibson Les Paul series "special". 22 frets slippery as a jar of petroleum jelly, pleasant as a drink of water after a big thirst. 2 microphones excellent (as it is very personal opinion) two volumes 2tonalits. good bad trip on my model which is contact from time to time when I too Trifouille volume. but that's my problem. Made in United States
the gibson is good, it's heavy, for holders of a CAP loggers c any bonus.
the handle? I found your soulmate. c is a real handle this highway. montpellier paris in 5 minutes anyone? embark ...


Access to acute is average. a special technique must be adopted for the bends in the 22nd boxes (yes c no treble the horns ...)
to play sitting down, we are in the field of gymnastics: the guitar and laying on the crotch, you get the mug in front of the 5th box and it's like being in the ass grater instead of other things (yes, I also love the poetry ...) All that to say that the guitar does not fit perfectly to play sitting down, but after an adjustment period.
j otherwise have been difficult in the beginning with the ergonomics of the upper body of the guitar that does not follow the shape of the arm as a sword by exple IBZ. c just a matter of habit then.


I tinker in the extreme metal and says frankly we arrive easily have a big sound with any amp. good to c, it is not as aggressive as bc but has a personality. finesse in a world of brutailt it sounds good. a lot of guitarists extreme it's MITS (Gojira, I greet you in passing). I play on a Peavy Bandit 112 combo, and even if n is that of the transistor, the sound is nothing ridiculous and enormment of characters, I can have as well a thrash (a fund acute and medium) that death or black (the ice ...) as well as more modern unhealthy.
the ACEC gibson easily adapts the selector 3 is a microphone that sends his rather sharp las stripper on a very hot and the "synthetic" on the bass.


It's been 6 months that I have this monster of violin and I'm afraid to be demanding exxxxtremeent purchase ue next guitar, even if we frankly do not want to change ... at least after stopping by the les paul g great difficulty in my resume that will end IBZ s ACORD rust or if the choice c this guitar c ... in short the dream of any guitarist who has come to me doubt on any aspect of this gem, I pay him a stay in Chechnya.