Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul
Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul

Melody Maker Les Paul, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

hash114 06/18/2012

Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul : hash114's user review

«  1 humbucker, why more? »

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Made in USA like all, vintage mechanical KLUSON a good old Wraparound, a micro micro 491T ceramic rather surprised me as well and in a volume of 300K CTS. Maple body and neck cool mahogany glued nitrocellulose lacquer finish, it sounds pretty good. I bought the last one in Germany in 2012 for € 299 on his head dated 2011. Comes with a light cover but hey I'm using it not, a manual and checklist of control and adjustment made in the factory. At 300E I do not see what you can get more serious and noble in terms of lutherie! Nothing like an Epiphone despite the price.


Based SERTE but what sound! I will not tell you sustain or harmonics, it was very good but probably for me my registry is punk rock and there's glue nickel.Plus easy adjustment, apart from removing the volume I do not see how it can be fair!


We must tease metal, big solo, but me it's the riff so I will not speak of access to acute even though it is very good ...

Originally big fat powerful rock sound, I play with a BH15 DS1 and sends a donf!

Also I immediately upgraded to a 500k tone with a linear and a condo in particular 220 and DP100 Super Distortion with a switch on / on / on for three sounds: two parallel, single coil, humbucker ( series) - the total of € 100.

And there is even more blessed because the guitar is basic, simple, but powerful cruncher or a small change of its switch his life-changing.

I recommend at least trying to stick him a tone but beware! I had to leave the router because the knockouts are behind the pickguard and there is not much room.

Scratches very cheap then, with a can of job can be a real monster for under 400 €, but even without it you can already play and send big sound but may versatility after a few mods ...


IN any case if it was Remaking, I took two and not one alone!