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roul le nervien 02/16/2005

Gibson Voodoo Les Paul : roul le nervien's user review


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Gibson made in United States, 22 frets, two humbuckers Cramique.
Standard fixed bridge Gibson stop bar, two volume and two tone.
The body is frne, the Mahogany neck and affects bne.
JuJu's finish is black with burgundy wood fibers.
It's nothing wrong Gibson finishing gnrale


The handle is quite enjoyable though dernires Access in three boxes is not super easy.
Ergonomic issues and much that is heavy enough so Les Paul (but when even one kilo less than the other models thanks to the body which is more lightweight frne) is a guitar trs enjoyable playing conditions to keep it pretty low if it was not the hand well down on the bridge.
The sound as it poustouflant, the output level is quite lv but still allows same superb sound hot but clear, crunch sounds are incisive and the sustain is tireless in heavy saturation.
I put 8 because of the experience for me coming to a stratovolcano ...


I play Rock, Hard Rock and also death metal but I do not mind playing the Blues, this guitar lends itself all these styles without any problem, I just had a little trouble finding an enjoyable position for attacks tremolo black / death metal.
The sound has nothing do with my team a strato Seymour Duncan Screamin Deamon is the queen of versatility, but I manage to find a aisment rglage fits all style.
Many people tell me that this guitar is made ​​for the mtal but this is absolutely not true, it is versatile trs though more geared for heavy distortion or the crunch gers.
Strengths: its heat, power and sustain.


I bought it there a little over a month in the United States so I paid much less than in France and even in Germany but frankly, I would do this purchase m me for the price displayed in Europe
It is both trs trs diffrent and close to a Les Paul Standard: This is a Les Paul but modern.
I have the choice because it is the only Les Paul that has less than 2500 in the key bne black finish and the rib I cracked ...
I do not regret choosing this MODEL is so original and both trs go anywhere ...