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Ibanez PF200 : Anonymous 's user review


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My guitar was manufactured in Japan in 1978.
22 frets, 2 humbuckers (type PAF) Ibanez super 70.
Ibanez Gibraltar bridge specific equipping and pf100 PF300 well.
Key rosewood "ébenisée"
Mahogany body, maple neck.
Mechanical metal type GOTOH
Typical settings to a Les Paul: 2 volumes, 2 tones, a micro switch 3 positions.


The handle is superbly finished for a guitar in this price range (€ 370 bought in Canada). I have owned several guitars and the neck is more enjoyable to play than a Gibson Flying V, that says it all! Access to acute is typically that of a Les Paul, that is, a little freestyle on strings from the 19th fret. For the anecdote, this guitar is a Gibson Les Paul copy but adapted to the Japanese market, so that the neck is thin, very "Ibanézien!"
The finish of this guitar is superb and demonstrates a knowledge that one encounters only rarely today. The ergonomics are almost perfect, it's a very comfortable guitar to play sitting, standing, lying;)
The sound of super 70 vintage is is to evaluate the grain very typical "medium" to the detriment of serious but this is easily corrected on the set of his amp. In any case if one is addicted to the blues hard to ACDC, QOTSA, Black Sabbath or even Pearl Jam and others is a real treat! The guitar comes out very well in a mix, the sound is very distinctive!


I play in a progressive rock band and I need to make as much rhythmic as saturated very aggressive theatrics floydiennes even jazzy! This guitar is highly versatile and can be used with any amp ENGL tube and effects pedals. I love the neck pickup ultra luxurious mas not runny at all! I like less than the bridge pickup a bit too aggressive without being really slamming .. Having said that with proper settings this guitar sounds fabulously well!


I use this guitar for only a few weeks but I had time to use it in rehearsal and recording. Also I play every day (at least I try ..)
What I like is that this is a true model in both the vintage sound of the perfect finish. So perfect that Gibson has made a series of trials in order to Ibanez to make him stop producing copies of its "low cost made in japan".
There are a few hundred copies of these great guitars whose mhytique "CUSTOM AGENT".
I used FENDER, GIBSON and tested the many other brands ..
The value for money is incomparable. It is certainly not the Gibson custom shop of the same period but it is a sacred slap full of current products!
I, I care! Even though I am in the draft to flush a CUSTOM AGENT ..