LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]
LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current]

EC-1000 VB [2008-Current], LP-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Deluxe EC series.

CautionHot 05/21/2011

LTD EC-1000 VB [2008-Current] : CautionHot's user review


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* Mahogany body
* Set neck
* Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard with abalone marker
* Tune-o-matic TonePros
* Mechanical locking ESP
* EMG 81 and 60
* Color Vintage Black and Gold Hardware
* 24 Jumbo frets
* 2 volume knob and 1 tone (which manages the two microphones)
Thin U neck *
* Nut Ervan compensate our standard type 42mm
24.75 * tune "
* Guitar made in Korea


The handle is very comfortable and glides well. The fact that he painted in no way hinders the comfort and the notes come out very easily.
It's a relatively light guitar and particularly well balanced, which provides good feeling jeu.Les jumbo frets on this type of guitar is very well chooses. Esp also expected to stomach a cut to the thinkers of you (ah ah).

Access to the last fret is not too easy, requires a guitar .. But anyway, the shreddeurs have phalanxes of 20 cm ...
It sounds very good to get it because the 2 volumes reacting very well and are very progressive.


This guitar is perfect for blues rock, hard rock, metal and other fancy déguisée.Le mahogany body provides vacuum, a beautiful resonance.

Connected in its clear, the guitar a lot of "body". Emg 81 in the bridge does not provide the best clean on earth but is doing well during the first 30 seconds of your song "metal". Emg 60 in the handle is doing fantastically well, and provides a nice pile of notes détachées.Un chorus and reverb and we are powered in 1988 on the song "One" by Metallica or on the Red Hot Chili Pepper too.

In passing through the crunch, the 81 starts to get excited and delivers a rich harmonic would not deny that what Malcolm Young.Comme is a belief that 81 is synthetic. Playing volume, the sound is clear réobtiens 81.The 60 in the crunch is fabulous as it sounds, blues and delivers rich médiums.Un treat to listen!

Still pushing saturation, 81 becomes the famous "patator Dantafass" which in the heyday of doing Perchas errors are not permitted with this set of active pickups because it displays your faults literally under your game nez.Le 60 meanwhile still very nice and blues.

By using as the chorus effect on the 81, you see the song "Hold The Line" by Toto? Well it's simple: you're there.


I use it for some months. I tested the guitar for 5 years (from Gibson, PRS etc etc) before I decide and I admit that there are others who do me the eye (I think the Gibson Les Paul Traditional).
I love this guitar because it sounds very good, to sustain huge, well made, in short I really love this guitar!
I paid 450 euro hand and she still had the plastic origins and no pets, claws, cover and a new set of strings
I do not need to repeat this choice because it is already ;-)!